0. Introduction to laws of Miraked

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The laws of Miraked-Filtering wine, water and other liquids on Shabbos


The following section will deal with the laws of separating through using a filter. In addition to the problems of Borer that are sometimes applicable as will be explained, the prohibition of Miraked may likewise apply, amongst other prohibitions. In essence the prohibitions of Borer and Miraked are really one and the same, being that they are both a separating prohibition. The difference between Miraked and Borer is only with regards to the form of separation. Borer is considered separating from a solid mixture using a sifter to sift out the waste and have the food remain above. Meraked is a prohibition of sifting a solid mixture and having the food fall out and the waste remain above.[2] Regarding a liquid mixture Admur in 319/12[3] rules that straining it and having the sediment remain above may be Borer or Miraked. Thus, by liquid mixtures it is unclear as to which prohibition applies.[4] The reason why this action of separating was split to two different prohibitions is because these were two distinct actions done in the Mishkan and thus were given two different names of prohibition.[5]


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[5] Gemara Shabbos 73b; Shabbos Kehalacha Vol 2 page 342

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