3. Filtering insects from water

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3. Filtering insects from water:[1]

Filtering it prior to drinking: Water which contains worms that are forbidden to be eaten, as explained in Yorah Deah chapter 84 [Halacha 1-3], is forbidden to be filtered even using a cloth, as it is impossible to drink it without filtering it being that he may swallow one of the worms.    

Filtering it while drinking: see next Halacha


Summary- Water which must Halachicly be filtered from worms and the like:[2]

Is forbidden to filter on Shabbos, unless one does so through placing a filter on the opening of his mouth and then pours the water through it, as will be explained.


If the only available water is undrinkable, such as it contains sand or worms and thus must be filtered, is there any way to filter it on Shabbos?[3]

It is forbidden to take the water and pour it through any type of filter unless one is doing so in the process of drinking, as will be explained in Halacha 4-See there.

Using a filter that is attached to the sink: However one may use a filter that is attached to the spout of the faucet and thus have the water automatically get filtered as it leaves the faucet.[4] [This however does not include filters which have a tube leading into the spout of the faucet of which one has an option to ether have the water come through the filter or come through the faucet, as in such a case the filter is only used for drinking water which negates the basis for the allowance of a sink attached filter, as explained in the footnotes of the previous question.] Even when attached to the spout, ideally it is best not to use a non-cloth filter [see footnote[5]] and rather a designated cloth filter is to be used. See Halacha 2 and Q&A there for further details in when a cloth filter is allowed


[1] 319:23; see Michaber 319:16 that implies it is generally forbidden to filter insects

Other opinions: Some Poskim rule that insects are forbidden to be filtered due to being repulsive [Pesoles] and not do to being forbidden. Hence those worms that are small and are not repulsive are not forbidden. [Chayeh Adam 16:8 and Nishmas Adam 16:5; See Ketzos Hashulchan 125 footnote 37; Kaf Hachaim 319:19-123; Minchas Yitzchak 7:23; Piskeiy Teshuvah 319:34 and footnote 298] From Admur however it is evident that doing so is forbidden as the insects are not Kosher and hence contain a Borer restriction. [Ketzos Hashulchan ibid]

[2] 319:23

[3] Shabbos Kehalacha Vol. 2 p. 362

[4] Minchas Yitzchak 7:23

[5] So writes Minchas Yitzchak, and so concludes Rav Farkash, in order so one do the filtering with an irregularity. Nevertheless from the letter of the law the Minchas Yitzchak rules that even a metal filter is allowed when attached to the spout of the faucet being that it is also filtering the non-drinking water.

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