From the Rav’s Desk: When may one take a haircut this year that Shavuos falls on Sunday night

  1. Question: [Sunday, 27th Iyar, 5781]

Is it permitted this year for one to take a haircut on this upcoming erev Shabbos being that Shavuos falls on Sunday night?


Those who are accustomed not to take a haircut until erev Shavuos due to reasons of Kabbalah or due to their mourning period of Sefira, are to avoid doing so until erev Shavuos even in a year like this that Shavuos falls on Sunday night. The only time that we permit a haircut prior to Erev Shavuos is when it falls on Saturday night. Thus, this year one can get a haircut starting from Sunday morning.

Sources: See Hagahos Chasam Sofer 493


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