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Although it states in the Talmud and Poskim that one is not allowed to pray out loud, this refers specifically to the prayer of Shemoneh Esrei, while by the other sections of prayer, not only may one pray them out loud, but furthermore is encouraged and praised to do so. Now, while there are some Poskim who rule that even the other parts of prayer should not be said out loud, practically we do not rule this way. Furthermore, even regarding Shemoneh Esrei it is ruled that one may pray out loud for the sake of increasing his concentration, if he is not present by a minyan, and thus certainly one may and should pray the other sections of prayer out loud for the sake of increasing concentration, and doing so is permitted even when one is with a Minyan. Nonetheless, one should not scream the prayer in a way that will disturb everyone else’s concentration.

See regarding Pesukei Dezimra and the rest of Davening-raise voice: Siddur Shaar Hashamayim of Shelah; Sefer Chassidim 18 and 158; Ramban end of Parshas Bo; Elya Raba 51:10 in name of Mateh Moshe 46 in name of Or Zarua; 101:3; Beis Shearim 1:18; Hagahos Divrei Shaul Sotah 32a; M”B 185:3; Imrei Eish 3;  Shulchan Hatahor end of 49; Minchas Elazar 2:20; Maharsham 8:24; See Piskeiy Teshuvos 51:20; Write not to raise voice: Shaar Hakavanos Inyan Birchas Hashachar, brought in M”A 101:3 in name of Arizal and P”M 101 A”A 3 and Shaareiy Teshuvah end of 49 and M”B 101:7; Admur Hazakein: Tanya Igeres Hakodesh 22; Tanya Kuntrus Achron-end; Igros Kodesh Admur Hazakein letter 10 and 82; Mittler Rebbe:  Igros Kodesh Admur Haemtzai p. 263 The Rebbe’s Sicha: Sichos Kodesh 5752 Parshas Beshalach p. 594

From the Rav’s Desk: Davening out loud- the Chabad Custom

No. There are no regulations regarding the type of thread and materials that one may use to sew a tear in a Tallis, or to replace a corner or top cloth of the Tallis. This however is with exception to the sewing thread in the corner area of the Tallis, which initially should only be made of material that is not valid for that Tallis or of a colored thread. Thus, on a wool garment one is not to use white wool threads to sew the corner. On a cotton garment one is neither to use wool nor cotton white threads, and is to rather use threads of other materials.

Sources: Regarding sewing an extra piece of corner cloth under each of the four corners see: Admur 15:14; M”A 15:14; Ketzos Hashulchan 6:12-13; Igros Kodesh 2:33 [printed in Shulchan Menachem 1:44]; Regarding placing an extra cloth on the top area of the Tallis Gadol: Admur 8:9; M”A 8:6 based on Rashal and Shlah Chulin; M”B 8:9; Ishkavta Direbbe p. 22 footnote 17; Rav Gurary in Chikreiy Minhagim p.17; Regarding what material is one to use to sew a tear that occurred within the corner: Admur 15:16; Michaber 15:6; Rashi Menachos 41a; Rosh 2:11

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