From the Rav’s Desk: Read the wrong Haftorah

  1. Question: [Sunday, 13th Iyar, 5781]

This past Shabbos we got confused and accidentally read the wrong Haftorah. We read the Haftorah of Kedoshim [i.e. Yechezkal] instead of the Haftorah of Parshas Achrei Mos [Bnei Kushim]. Did we fulfill our obligation, and what should we have done if we remembered in middle?


You fulfill your obligation. In the event that you remembered in middle of the reading then you should simply switch to the correct reading. If you remembered after saying the after blessings, then you should read the correct Haftorah without its blessings.

Explanation: Although in general we rule that one who read the wrong Haftorah does not fulfill his obligation, this only applies if there was no connection at all with the Haftorah that was read and the weekly portion, however if there was a connection then one fulfills his obligation being that from the letter of the law there is no set portion of the Nevi’im that must be read for Haftorah. Accordingly, it is understood that if one accidentally read the Haftorah of Kedoshim instead of Acharei Mos then he certainly fulfills his obligation, as not only does it have a connection to the portion that one read, but furthermore according to some opinions that is the initial portion that should be read, and hence although we don’t rule this way initially, certainly after-the-fact one fulfills obligation.

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