From the Rav’s Desk: May small children listen to music or a music video during Sefirah in order to keep them occupied?

  1. Question: [Wednesday, 26th Nisan, 5782]

I have a whole bunch of little kids at home and it is very difficult to keep them occupied without music? For example, they are used to watching uncle Moishe videos with music which keeps them occupied. May I play this for them even during Sefira?


This depends on the age of the child. Very young children who are below the age of Chinuch may have music or a music video such as uncle Moishe put on for them in order to keep them occupied. However, for children who are already above the age of Chinuch, one is to be stringent, unless it is a time of real need and is necessary for the sanity of the home. The age of Chinuch in this regard is defined as an age of maturity in which the child understands the mourning period and it’s reason and purpose.


Regarding mourning laws applicable after the passing of a relative, we rule that they do not have to be followed by children below the age of bar and bas mitzvah. However, mourning laws that are applicable to the public due to tragic occurrences are applicable even to children. Thus, just like adults may not listen to music during the period of Sefira in which we mourn the passing of the students are Rabbi Akiva, so too, children also may not listen to music. Nonetheless, children who are below the age of Chinuch do not need to be stringent in this matter especially when it is for the sake of keeping them occupied, and not simply for them to rejoice. Furthermore even children are above the age of Chinuch, although they are not initially to listen to music, if it is necessary for the sake of the sanity of the home to keep them calm and occupied then there is room to be lenient to put on a music video for them such as uncle Moishe, as the main restriction against listening to music is only when it is done for purposes of rejoicing and not when done for ulterior purposes.

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