From the Rav’s Desk: Kelaf of Sefer Torah tore into word

  1. Question: [Sunday, 29th Teves, 5783]

On Shabbos, as we were rolling the Sefer Torah, we noticed a tear in one of the pages. The tear starts from the top of the parchment and continues down until the second line of script in that column [i.e. it goes through two lines]. The tear runs through two words, by one word it runs right in the middle of the Vav, in essence chopping it in half, and by the second word it runs through the Reish. My first question is regarding if the Torah scroll is still valid, and if not then how it is to be fixed. One of the people who were there said that he thinks that there is no way to fix such a problem, and you have to cut out the entire piece of parchment with all of the columns [i.e. Yeriah], and rewrite it. Please clarify.


The law is clear that when a tear runs through a letter, then the letter is invalid if it changes the shape of the letter in an invalid way, and hence the Torah scroll is invalid and may not be read from until fixed. Now, regarding how to fix such a matter, there is no need to remove that entire piece of parchment from the Sefer Torah and replace it with a new one, as was suggested, and rather it suffices to simply erase the entire word that has the tear in it, assuming it is not the name of Hashem, and then rewrite it more narrowly within the erased area to the side of the tear. The tear itself can be sewn or patched up in the back by a Sofer. It does not help to patch or sew the tear without erasing and rewriting the word.

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