From the Rav’s Desk: Is it permitted to purchase new clothing during Sefira?

  1. Question: [Tuesday, 24th Nissan, 5781]

Am I allowed to buy new clothing during Sefira?


Although some are accustomed to be stringent against buying clothing of importance during the period of Sefira, practically it is permitted for one to purchase new clothing during Sefira without restriction.

Explanation: There is no recorded prohibition against buying new clothing during Sefira, unlike the period of the nine days, and those who are stringent are seemingly stringent due to the adherence not to recite the blessing of Shehechiyanu during Sefira, and being that in any event today we no longer recite this blessing over clothing, therefore there remains no reason to avoid buying clothing during Sefira. This is similar to the allowance of buying and looking at new fruits during Sefira. So was the ruling of Rav Zalman Dworkin amongst many Poskim listed below.

Sources: Ikarei Hadat 21:17; Keren Ledavid 119; Orchos Yosher 11; Levushei Mordechai 3:153; Kaf Hachaim 493:4; Kaf Hachaim 551:88 regarding the three weeks; Taamei Haminhagim p. 251; Hagadas Orach Lechaim [Ben Ish Chaiy] 28; Piskeiy Teshuvos 493:3; Ruling of Rav Zalman Dworkin brought in Kovetz Zalman Shimon p. 70-71 that today it is permitted to buy clothing during Sefira and perhaps even the Terumos Hadeshen today would agree, being we no longer say Shehechiyanu; Stringent opinion: Leket Yosher p. 97; Nitei Gavriel 54:7

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