From the Rav’s Desk: Chazan saying the daily Tehillim by the Bima instead of by the Amud

  1. Question: [Thursday, 12th Shevat 5783]

I am a Chiyuv l”a and Daven every day for the Amud for the passing of my father Hakam. For the recital of the daily Tehillim that we say after Davening, I am accustomed to turn around and say it by the Bima [we have a small shul and our Bima is right behind the Amud], simply because it’s easier for me to lean on, after having stood the entire prayer as Chazan. When I am done I turn around and say Kaddish. Now, one of the congregants came over to me and told me that the Rebbe stated that the daily Tehillim is to be read by the Chazan specifically by the Amud, and not by the Bima. He could not find me a source for this. Is this correct? To note, the rest of the congregation cannot care less what I do and where I say my Tehillim.


Based on that which I explained below, I would conclude that there is no issue in your scenario [i.e. Bima is right behind Amud, and it is difficult for you to stand] to recite the daily Tehillim by the Bima, although if the congregation is Makpid in this then you should specifically say it by the Amud.


I am not aware of any such statement of the Rebbe, although I am aware of the following: When  the Takana of reciting the daily Tehillim was first initiated and publicized by the Rebbe Rayatz on Simchas Torah of year 5687 [1926] he explicitly stated that the Chazan should not recite it by the Amud, and rather it is specifically to be recited by the Bima of Kerias Hatorah, as you are indeed doing. The reason for this is because otherwise it appears like one is adding to the Nussach of prayer. With time, however, the custom became for the Chazan to recite it by the Amud, despite the above words of the Rebbe Rayatz. The Rebbe in a talk in 1969 makes mention of both the original institution of the Rebbe Rayatz to not recite the daily Tehillim by the Amud, as well as the accustomed change today for the Chazan to do so. The Rebbe there explains that seemingly the reason for the change of custom is due to Tircha Detzibura to require the Chazan to walk until the Bima for him to say the daily Tehillim. Likewise, by him leaving the Amud, people may think that the prayer has ended, and they will leave the Shul and not say the daily Tehillim at all. Now, to negate the issue that doing so appears like one is adding to the prayer, we are accustomed to recite Al Tira and Ach Tzadikim prior to the recital of the daily Tehillim.

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