Doing laundry on Erev Shabbos-Part 1

Doing laundry on Erev Shabbos:

  1. The general law:[1]

Ezra instituted for laundry to be done on Thursday [or prior[2]] in honor of Shabbos, in order so one have clean white clothing to wear on Shabbos.[3] [This comes to negate doing laundry on Erev Shabbos[4]], as on Erev Shabbos there is no time to do laundry due to the need for one to deal with the Shabbos preparations.[5] [The same applies regarding Erev Yom Tov, that one should do laundry before Erev Yom Tov on behalf of Yom Tov. This, however, is only initially required, however Bedieved if one did not do laundry before Erev Shabbos, it may be done on Erev Shabbos[6], and according to some Poskim may even initially be done today as explained in the Q&A. It is permitted to do laundry on Erev Shabbos even if one does not need the clothing for Shabbos, but rather for after Shabbos.[7]]



May one in today’s times do laundry on Erev Shabbos using a washing machine?

Although today it is possible to wash clothing with much less effort and time then was required back in the times of the Sages, nonetheless one is to still try to fulfill the decree to not push off the laundry to Friday.[8] Nevertheless, there is no prohibition to do laundry on Friday if one needs. Furthermore, some Poskim[9] rule that today with the use of washing machines there is no restriction at all in doing laundry on Friday rather than Thursday.


May one launder his Shabbos clothes prior to Thursday?[10]

Yes, even according to the Takana of Ezra, laundry may be done any day before Friday, and is not required to specifically be laundered on Thursday. Nonetheless, it is proper to do the laundry on Wednesday or Thursday in order so it be more recognizable that it is being done for the sake of Shabbos, and so it be done on the days that we already receive the Divine lights for the coming Shabbos.[11]


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