Daily Chumash Tuesday Vayikra: The deep fried Mincha



  • The deep fried Mincha: If a deep pan Mincha offering is brought, it is to be made of fine flour and oil. You shall bring this Mincha to the Kohen and place it close to the Mizbeiach. The Kohen is to take a memorial portion from the Mincha and offer it to the altar. The remainder of the Mincha is to be distributed to Aaron and his sons, it is a Kodesh Kodashim.
  • Chametz: Any Mincha offering may not be made into Chametz, as all Chametz and all honey may not be offered to Hashem. They are to be offered as the first offering [on Shavuos] and are not to be brought to the Mizbeaich.

  1. Salting the offerings:
  • Every Mincha offering is to contain salt, and you shall not discontinue using the salt of Hashem’s covenant from on the Mincha.
  • Every Karban is to be salted.

  1. The Bikurim-Omer offering:
    • When you bring a Mincha offering of the first grains to Hashem, it should be made from flour that is ground from ripe ears of grain which is parched over fire. Oil is to be poured over it as well as frankincense. The Kohen is to take a memorial portion from the flour, oil and its frankincense as an offering to Hashem.

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