Daily Chumash Tuesday, 7th Teves: Yosef instructs his brothers and asks them to bring their father to Mitzrayim



  • “It is not you who sent me here, but G-d, in order to become ruler of Egypt.”
  1. Yosef instructs his brothers and asks them to bring their father to Mitzrayim:
    • The proposition: Yosef told his brothers to hurry and go back to father and tell him that his son Yosef has become ruler of all Egypt, and that he should come to him. “You will be given the settlement of Goshen to live. You will be close to me, as well as your children and grandchildren, and cattle. I will support you for the remaining five years of famine, lest you all starve.” Yosef then turned to his brothers and said “Your eyes see, and the eyes of my brother Binyamin, that it is I who speaks to you. Go tell father of all the honor I have in Egypt, and go and hurry to bring father down here.”
    • The embracing of Yosef and his brothers: Yosef fell on the neck of Binyamin, and he cried, and Binyamin cried on his shoulder. Yosef kissed each one of his brothers and cried on them, and then the brothers spoke to him.
    • Pharaoh instructs Yosef to instruct the brothers/father: The house of Pharaoh heard of the arrival of Yosef’s brothers, and it found favor in his eyes and the eyes of his servants. Pharaoh instructed Yosef to tell his brothers to take back their loaded donkeys and return to the land of Canaan. “Go bring your father, and household, and I will provide you the best of Egypt, and you will eat the fat of the land.”

Revi’i (according to most Chumashim)

  • “Take from Egypt wagons for your children and wives, and carry back your father. Don’t worry of leaving your items, as the best of the land of Egypt is yours.”
  • The brothers listened to the instructions.
    • The presents: Yosef gave the brothers wagons as Pharaoh instructed, and he gave them food for the journey. Everyone received clothing. Binyamin received five pairs of clothing and 300 silver coins. To his father, Yosef sent ten donkeys carrying the best of Egypt. Ten mules carrying bread and food for his father for the journey.
    • The message: The brothers went off on their journey, with a parting message from Yosef, telling them not to quarrel on the journey.
  1. Yaakov is informed that Yosef is alive:
    • The brothers left Egypt and arrived by Yaakov their father.
    • They told him that Yosef is alive and he is ruler of Egypt. Yaakov did not believe them. They told him all the words of Yosef, and Yaakov saw the wagons that Yosef sent from Egypt to carry him, and Yaakov’s spirit was revived.

Revi’i (according to Torah Temima/Chabad) Chamishi (according to most Chumashim)

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