Daily Chumash Thursday, Yisro: Hashem appears on Har Sinai



  1. Moshe tells the nation of the covenant offered by Hashem and the nation responds:
  • Moshe summoned the elders of the nation and explained to them all that Hashem commanded him.
  • The reply of the nation: The entire nation answered in unison and said “That which Hashem spoke we shall do.” Moshe reported their answer back to Hashem.
  • Moshe relates the response to Hashem: Hashem told Moshe that He will appear to him in the thickness of the cloud, so the nation hear Me speak to you, and they will believe in you forever. Moshe then told Hashem the nation’s response.
  1. Hashem instructs Moshe to instruct the Jewish people in preparation for the event:
  • Hashem told Moshe to tell the Jewish people to sanctify themselves today and tomorrow, and they should wash their clothing. They should be prepared for the 3rd day, as on the 3rd day Hashem will descend on Har Sinai and appear to the eyes of the entire nation.
  • Setting boundaries: Hashem told Moshe to set boundaries around the mountain, as whoever touches the mountain will die. They will be stoned or cast down. This applies to both man and animal. After the Shofar is sounded, they may ascend.
  • Moshe descended from the mountain and the nation was sanctified and they washed their clothing. Moshe instructed them to be ready for the 3rd day and not to be with a woman until then.
  1. The Third Day-Hashem appears on Har Sinai:
  • The thunder, lightning, smoke, and Shofar: On the morning of the third day there was thunder and lightning, and a heavy cloud on the mountain. A very loud sound of the Shofar was heard. The nation became petrified. Moshe escorted the nation to greet Hashem, and they stood under the mountain. The mountain was filled with smoke, as Hashem descended upon it with fire. The entire mountain trembled, and the sound of the Shofar grew continuously louder. Moshe spoke and Hashem would respond to him in a voice.

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