Daily Chumash Thursday, Mishpatim: Miscellaneous laws



  • Do not tilt the judgment of a case against a destitute person.
  • Lying: Distance yourself from lying.
  • Do not kill the innocent.
  • Bribery: Do not take a bribe.
  • Do not oppress a convert.
  • Shemita: Plant your field for six years and in the seventh year, leave your field for the destitute and animals to eat from.
  • Shabbos: One shall work for six days and rest on Shabbos, you and your household.
  • Do not mention other deities on your lips.
  • Aliya Leregel: Celebrate with Me three times a year. Guard the festival of Matzos for seven days, eat Matzos, and do not come to see Me empty handed. By the festival of harvest and of the gathering [you are also to visit Me]. Three times a year, all your males are to come see the face of G-d.
    Do not slaughter My sacrifice over Chametz and do not let the fat of My festive offering remain overnight.
    Bikurim: The first fruits of your lands you shall bring to Me.
  • Basar Bechalav: Do not cook a young animal in its mother’s milk.

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