Daily Chumash Thursday, 16th Teves: Yaakov blesses his younger children



  • Gad’s final message from his father: “A battalion will sprout from Gad and he will troop backwards.”
  • Asher’s final message from his father: “From Asher will come rich food and he will provide royal delicacies of a king.”
  • Naftali’s final message from his father: “Naftali is a gazelle who runs quickly, for whom people give thanks and blessing.”


  • Yosef’s final message from his father: “Yosef is a charming son, a charm to the eye. Girls stepped up to see him. They embittered him, fought with him, and the archers hated him. Nonetheless, he remained steadfast and became a shepherd, providing for Israel. Hashem will help you and bless you with the blessing of heavens and blessings of the depths below. Let the blessings of my father be upon your head.”

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