Daily Chumash Shabbos Tetzaveh: The gold altar for incense



  1. The gold altar for incense:
  • You shall make an altar for the incense offering.
  • The material: It is to be made of acacia-shittim wood.
  • Dimensions: It is to be made into a square, its length being one Amah, and its width also one Amah. It is to be two Amos high.
  • Its particulars: It is to contain horns on each of its four corners, and the horns, as well as the entire altar, is to be covered in gold. It is to have a gold crown surrounding it. Make for it two gold rings beneath its crown, one on each corner. These rings will serve to hold the poles with which the altar will be carried.
  • Its poles: You shall make poles of acacia-shittim wood which are covered with gold.
  • Location: The altar is to be placed in front of the Paroches that is by the Aron.
  • Its use: Aaron is to offer incense on it daily each morning when the lamps are cleaned, and every afternoon when the lamps are kindled. One may not offer on it a foreign incense or an Olah or Mincha or wine libation. Aaron will atone on it once a year from the blood of the Chatas offering. The altar is a holy of holies to Hashem.

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