Daily Chumash Shabbos Pikudei: A cloud covers the Ohel Moed and is used as a signal for travel



  • He placed the screen of the entrance of the Ohel Moed.
  • Moshe positions the Olah altar: He positioned the Olah altar in the opening to the Ohel Moed and offered on it the Olah and Mincha, as Hashem commanded.
  • Moshe positions the Kiyor: He positioned the Kiyor between the Ohel Moed and the altar and filled it with water. Moshe, and Aaron and his sons would wash their hands and feet with the water when they would enter the Ohel Moed or come to do the service on the altar.
  • Moshe erects the courtyard: He erected the courtyard around the Mishkan and altar and placed the screen by the entrance of the Chatzer.
  • Moshe completed the work.


  1. A cloud covers the Ohel Moed and is used as a signal for travel:
  • A cloud appeared and covered the Ohel Moed, and the glory of G-d filled the Mishkan. Moshe could not enter the Ohel Moed, as the cloud rested upon it and the Mishkan was filled with Hashem’s glory.
  • Whenever the cloud would ascend from the Mishkan, the Jewish people would travel on their journeys. If the cloud remained, then they would not travel until it ascended.
  • The cloud would remain on Mishkan by day and the fire would be there by night, as was witnessed by all of Bnei Yisrael.

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