Daily Chumash Friday Vayakhel: Making the Menorah



  1. Making the Menorah:
  • He made the Menorah from pure gold with a base, branches, goblets, knobs and flowers all made from the original piece of one Kikar of gold.
  • It had six branches, three from each side. Each branch was made with three goblets, and was decorated with a knob and flower. The base of the Menorah was made with four goblets decorated with knobs and flowers. Under each set of branches a button was made. Everything was formed from the same piece of gold. It had seven candles.
  1. Making the gold altar for incense:
  • He made an altar for the incense offering from acacia-shittim wood. It was made into a square, its length being one Amah, and its width also one Amah. It was two Amos high. It contained horns on each of its four corners, and the horns, as well as the entire altar was covered in gold. He made a gold crown surrounding it. It had two gold rings beneath its crown, one on each corner. These rings served to hold the poles with which the altar was carried with. The poles were made from acacia-shittim wood and were covered with gold.
  • He made the anointing oil and their spices, the work of a spice-blender.

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