Daily Chumash Friday Tetzaveh: The Tamid offering



  1. The Tamid offering:
  • The following offerings are to be brought daily onto the altar: Everyday two sheep within their first year are to be offered, one in the morning and the second in the evening. It is to be accompanied with a Mincha offering consisting of 1/10th of fine flour, mixed with a ¼ of a Hin of crushed oil. Its libation is to be ¼ of a Hin, per sheep. This is to be done for all generations.
  1. The dwelling of the Shechina on the Mishkan:
  • “I will meet with the Jewish people by the Ohel Moed and be sanctified there through my honor. I will dwell amongst the Jewish people and be for them a G-d, and they will know that I am the G-d who took them out of Egypt in order to dwell with them.”

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