Shavuos checklist

Shavuos Checklist 5775/2015: *The laws provided below are based on the upcoming Sefer “The Laws and Customs of Shavuos”. To browse online the content of the Sefer, including footnotes and sources, or to download a summary edition of the laws, please visit our Shavuos section provided on   1. […]

Eating dairy on Shavuos

The reasons for the Minhag What are the reasons mentioned behind eating Milk products on Shavuos? The Rama[1] writes that it is done in commemoration of the Shtei Halechem offering, which consisted of two loaves [i.e. two meals], which were brought on Shavuos. As our previous Shechita became invalid when […]

Morning Blessings when up all night

The morning blessings: According to Chabad custom one that did not sleep throughout the night is to nevertheless recite all the morning blessings himself, including washing hands with Al Netilas Yadayim[1], Elokaiy Neshama[2], Hamavir Sheiyna[3], Birchas Hatorah[4], and all the other morning blessings.[5] This however is with exception to the […]

Tachanun during Sivan

Tachanun: Tachanun is omitted from the first of Sivan until after Shavuos.[1] Our custom is to omit Tachanun until, and including, the 12th of Sivan.[2] Tachanun is resumes on the 13th of Sivan. Likewise on Shabbos of these dates Av Harachamim and Tzidkascha Tzedek is omitted.   [1] 494/8; Siddur […]