Tanya 6th Nissan-Chapter 40: The effect of Torah and Mitzvos on the upper worlds

(LY) 6th Nissan

  1. Gloss-The effect of Torah and Mitzvos on the upper worlds:
  • A revelation of the Divine unification above: As stated above, when one studies Torah and prays with the proper concentration, this elevates the letters of Torah and prayer to the 10 Sefiros. When it becomes elevated to this level, the Divine supernal unification which is affected through every Mitzvah and the study of Torah becomes revealed and shines.
  • The unification in the emotional attributes: This unification is a unification within G-d’s attributes, in which they become incorporated within each other, which causes the severities to be sweetened within kindness.
  • The cause of this unification: This unification in the Divine attributes is caused by the auspicious time above that occurs as a result of the fulfillment of a Mitzvah or Torah study. During this time the infinite light of G-d shines and is revealed in a most abundant and powerful manner due to the arousal from below which is caused by the performance of the Mitzvah or the study of Torah, in which the supernal will of the infinite G-d is invested.
  • The unification in the world of Atzilus: Now, the main unification that takes place is within the much higher world of Atzilus. In the world of Atzilus, the core and essence of G-d’s attributes are found in a state of unity with G-d who is their emanator. In that level is found the core and essence of the Divine will of the infinite G-d, and it is only a mere ray of this revelation which shines in the worlds of Beriya, Yetzirah, and Assiya, in each world in accordance with its level.
  • The power to affect unification even in the world of Atzilus: Now, although the soul of the Jew who is studying Torah or fulfilling the Mitzvahs is not from the level of Atzilus, nevertheless, the Divine will which is invested in this Mitzvah, which is the actual Jewish law and Torah that one is to studying, is G-dliness, and is the infinite light of G-d which is one with His will. Now, within G-d’s will He emanated His attributes which are united with Him. Thus, through the Divine will being revealed through one’s study of Torah and fulfillment of the Mitzvahs, the attributes of G-d become incorporated within each other, and the severities become sweetened within kindness at this auspicious hour.

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