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5. When was the Torah given?[1]

Year:[2] The Torah was given to the Jewish people in the year 2448 after Creation. This corresponds to early summer of the year 1313 BCE.

Date:[3] The Torah was given on the 6th of Sivan.

Weekday:[4] The Torah was given on Shabbos.


[1] Avoda Zara 9a; Rambam Shemita and Yovel 10:2

[2] Seder Hadoros year 2448

[3] Admur 494:1; Chachamim in Shabbos 86b; Kesef Mishneh in Avos Hatuma 5 in opinion of Rambam and Rashba that they rule like Chachamim; M”A 494:1 that our custom is like the Rambam; Aruch Hashulchan 494:2

Other opinions: Some say the Torah was given on the 7th of Sivan. [Rebbe Yossi in Shabbos 86b; See M”A 494:1 that from Y.D. 196 it is evident we rule like Rebbe Yossi, as we rule a woman is Poletes Zera Soteres for six Onos, as rules Rebbe Yossi] Rebbe Yossi holds that Hashem wanted to give the Torah on the 6th day, although Moshe added one day on his own, and therefore the Torah was given on the 7th day. [Shabbos 87a; See Likkutei Sichos 28:18 footnote 18]

[4] Admur 494:1; Shabbos 86b “Everyone agrees the Torah was given on Shabbos”

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