Writing Sefarim in Hebrew

May one write or print Torah books in Kesav Ashuris?

Ashuris:[1] One is not to print books in Kesav Ashuris.

Boxed letters:[2] In previous times the custom was to avoid writing Sefarim in even boxed letters and they rather wrote them in Kesav Rashi.[3] The custom however today is to allow printing books in boxed letters that are similar to Ashuris.[4]

[1] Igros Kodesh 11/348; 7/305; Likkutei Sichos 24/375; Igros Kodesh 10/177 “Even the Rambams Yad Hachazaka was written in a slanted script in order not to resemble Kesav Ashuris.”

[2] Igros Kodesh 9/106; 12/228; 7/305

[3] Hisvadyos 1989 3/101; Igros Kodesh 10/177; It is for this purpose that Kesav Rashi was invented.

[4] Likkutei Sichos 24/375; Igros Kodesh 12/228; Hisvadyos 1989 3/101 “In the times of the Alter Rebbe the Tanya was printed in boxed letters”

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