Who is obligated to place the Mezuzah in a rental home?

Renting a home-Who is obligated to place the Mezuzah?[1]

One who rents a home from his friend, the renter is the one obligated to place the Mezuzahs by the doors, and to mend the area for the Mezuzah to be placed.[2]

One rented the home on condition that it contain Mezuzos:[3] Even if one rented the home on assumption [Chazaka, or even on condition[4]] that it has Mezuzahs on its doors, and later discovered that it does not have Mezuzos, nevertheless the contract is still valid.


[1] Michaber Y.D. 291/2; C.M. 314/2; Baba Metzia 101b

[2] This means that if the doorpost is made of stone and requires drilling then he must do so and not the landlord. [See Rashi ibid]

[3] Rama 291/2; Beis Yosef in name of Rabbeinu Menucha; See Admur 437/7

If one rented the home on condition it does not have Mezuzos and discovered that it has Mezuzos: See Birkeiy Yosef 291, brought in Shaareiy Teshuvah 391/5

[4] See Admur ibid for a dispute in this matter and that the landlord may say he follows the lenient opinion

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