What to do with the Challah after Separating?

What to do with the Challah:[1] The separated piece of Challah is to be wrapped in tinfoil and burnt in the oven [or on the stove].[2] It is to be wrapped well to the point that the dough will not become revealed while being burnt, as Challah is forbidden to be eaten and thus burning it in the oven is similar to cooking a non-kosher food in one’s oven.[3] Due to this reason, one is to never bake any other foods in the oven until the Challah is burnt or removed. Alternatively, rather than burning the Challah, one is to wrap[4] the Challah and discard it in the garbage.[5] Practically, today this is the more preferred custom to follow due to a Kashrus worry that the tinfoil of the Challah may open prior to the Challah becoming fully burnt hence causing a Kashrus issue for the oven.[6] Furthermore, today most garbage is burnt and hence one regardless fulfills the Mitzvah of burning the Challah when discarding it in the trash, and there is thus no need to burn it in one’s Kosher oven.

May one save the Challahs in his freezer until Bedikas Chameitz? No. It is forbidden to own non-Kosher food in one’s home for a long period of time due to fear one may come to eat the food.[7] It may only remain in one’s home for a short period of time, between one to two months.[8]


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[3] If the Challah became revealed in the oven prior to becoming burnt one is to contact a Rav. The answer to this question depends on whether the dough touched the oven floor, walls or oven grates.

[4] Some write the Challah is to be doubly wrapped. This is done for purposes of respect so the Challah not be discarded as regular trash. [See Hakashrus ibid] Others however make no mention of this requirement and as long as it is wrapped once it suffices. [Piskeiy Teshuvos ibid]

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