Wearing clothing of opposite gender due to cold and the like


May one wear the clothing of the opposite gender due to the cold, or for purposes of shade or Tznius?

Many Poskim[1] rule it is permitted to do so as the prohibition only applies when done for purposes of resembling the opposite gender. Other Poskim[2] however rule that doing so is forbidden. Practically one may be lenient in this matter.[3]  


[1] Bach brought in Shach 182/7; Taz 182/4; Avnei Tzedek 72; Shraga Hameir 7/124 that the Shach agrees with the Bach on this matter; See Darkei Teshuvah 182/9

[2] Yad Haketana 2/6, brought in Darkei Teshuvah 182/9; Binas Adam 90/94; The Shach ibid questions the ruling of the Bach, although some write that his question is not relating to this matter, of which he also agrees

[3] Shraga Hameir 7/124

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