The secret behind the speech of birds and its power to relate the future

The speech of birds:

The concept of birds talking, and relating messages from on high is discussed in many areas of Jewish literature.[1] It has been testified of King Shlomo, the Arizal, and the Baal Shem Tov[2], that they had knowledge of this speech, and understood the messages of the birds. The Arizal explained the following in understanding how the talk of birds reveal knowledge from above:[3] All decrees that are passed above in Heaven, are announced throughout all the worlds, especially, the world of Assiya, which is our physical world. Likewise, all of man’s sins are announced through a special emissary of the supernal tribunal. However, man is not sensitive enough to hear these announcements, due to the thickness and coarseness of the air. Now, how does the announcement reach the world if the air is polluted and insensitive? When birds fly, they cut through the air and allow the announcement to be heard. Some birds, together with their chirping and flying, allow the announcement to be heard, while other simply through their flying allow it to be heard. Various species of birds are appointed over different forms of decrees. Some are appointed to help announce good decrees, while others announce bad decrees. The raven for example, only announces bad decrees; the eagle and sparrow announce good decrees. This speech, which can relate the future decrees, is not only found amongst birds, but amongst every living creature. It is for this reason that creatures are found specifically in areas that are inhabited by man, as they relate to man his sins and the subsequent decrees.


[1] See Miseches Sofrim 16:9 regaridng Hillel Hazakein; Gittin 45a regarding Reb Iliash who was told by birds to escape from captivity; Chulin 139b regarding Rav Kahana; Zohar Vayikra regarding Rav Chiya; Beis Yosef 179; See Nishmas Chaim chapter 23; Rambam Avoda Zara 11:4 negates the talk of birds as the prohibition of Baal Tinachashu and rules in 11:16 that it is utter nonsense; However, the Ramban in a Teshuvah, and in his commentary on Shoftim argues on this;

[2] See Shivcheiy Habesht that the Baal Shem Tov taught his student Rav Yaakov Yosef of Polnoa, this wisdom.

[3] Kuntrus Harizal, brought in Shlah Hakadosh Parshas Noach

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