The Rebbe’s custom by the Ohel

The Rebbe’s customs upon visiting the Ohel:[1]

Non-leather shoes: The Rebbe would wear non-Leather shoes to the Ohel, similar to the shoes worn on Tishe Beav and Yom Kippur.

Knocking on the door: The Rebbe would knock on the door of the Ohel twice prior to entering, symbolizing asking permission prior to entering.

Maaneh Lashon: Immediately upon entering the Rebbe would begin saying the Maaneh Lashon.

Lights candle: As soon as the Rebbe reached the part in the Maaneh Lashon of “Hareini Madlik Halamp” the Rebbe would light a candle.

Reading the Pan: The Rebbe would read the Pan, tearing off any blank area of paper from the Pan, and place the Pan in the Ohel.

Encircling the Ohel: Upon completing the reading of the Pan the Rebbe would encircle the Ohel one time.

Exiting: Upon exiting the Rebbe would stop by the door and recite the Yehi Ratzon which concludes the Maana Lashon.

Throwing grass: Prior to entering the car the Rebbe would tear grass from the ground three times and throw it behind him.


[1] Compiled based on the accounts of the Rebbe’s secretaries ; Published in Hiskashrus 884

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