The lesson of Hei Teves-The Metzius of a Rebbe is his Chassidim

The lesson of Hei Teves-The Metzius of a Rebbe is his Chassidim:

Every cause of suffering below is rooted in a persecution above in Heaven. While the judicial proceedings involving the stealing of Sefarim from the Chabad library externally appeared like a private monetary issue which should be resolved behind close doors, without undo publication. The Rebbe explained that this was rooted in a Heavenly persecution above against Chassidus Chabad, amongst which was the claim that Lubavitch is no longer in continuity and that a Rebbe is a private individual who upon his passing inherits his spiritual belongings to his children, just like any other person. The victory of Hei Teves emphasized that a Rebbe is not a private individual, but is the property of the Chassidim, and belongs to the Chassidim. In the words of the Rebbetzin during her deposition, whose statement had a great affect on the verdict of the judge, “The Rebbe and the Sefarim belong to the Chassidim.” In the words of the Rebbe Rashab[1] “When there is a Rebbe there are Chassidim, however if the Chassid is not a Chassid, then the Rebbe is not a Rebbe”

[1] Brought in Likkutei Dibburim

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