The day of the Bar Mitzvah-Daytime

8. The daytime:

A. Mikveh:

On the day of the Bar Mitzvah the boy is to most certainly immerse in a Mikvah.

B. Learning one’s Tehillim:[1]

On the day of the Bar Mitzvah the child begins learning and reciting Kappitel 14 in Tehillim.

C. Giving charity:

On the day of the Bar Mitzvah, the boy should distribute money to charity prior to the prayers of Shacharis and Mincha. It is to be distributed from his own money. Likewise, it is proper for the parents to distribute charity at these times.[2] Furthermore, is proper for the grandparents and the siblings and all those who pray for his wellbeing to give charity on his behalf.[3] It is proper that the charity be donated to an institution of education for Jewish children.[4] If one is accustomed to donate money to charity daily, then he should add to the amount donated on this day in merit of the child.[5]

D. Tachanun

Tachanun is recited on the day of the Bar Mitzvah, as stated in Halacha 6 above

E. Celebrating and reviewing the Mamar after Shacharis:[6]

The custom in Lubavitch is to perform a small gathering with Lechaim and honey cake[7] on the day of the Bar Mitzvah itself[8], aiming for a minimum of ten adult participants.[9] The order is as follows:[10] After Shacharis, the congregation gathers together with the parents of the Bar Mitzvah boy. The parents recite a few words relating to the Simcha, which is then followed by a Mamar recited by the Bar Mitzvah boy.[11] This is then followed by the parents honoring those assembled to partake in Lechaim and cake. Those present are to bless the child.[12] This order was followed by the Alter Rebbe, for the Bar Mitzvah of his son the Mittler Rebbe.[13]


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