Stairway/Guard house; Garden


Doors of a Staircase/Guard house/Garden:[1]

The door of a staircase, guard house or garden is obligated to have a Mezuzah if the area leads to an opening which is obligated to have a Mezuzah. Thus the doors of stairways which lead to apartments are obligated to have a Mezuzah. Similarly, hallways that contain doorways are obligated to have a Mezuzah. If however the staircase/guard house/garden does not lead to a dwelling area that is obligated in a Mezuzah then it is exempt from having a Mezuzah.[2] However there are opinions[3] which obligate a guard house [and garden[4]] to have a Mezuzah even if it does not lead to a house of dwelling.[5]


[1] Michaber 286/7

[2] The reason: As these areas are not places of dwelling, and the Torah stets Beisecha which is a place of dwelling. [Taz 286/7; Shach 286/15] 

[3] Riy and Tur brought in Michaber ibid

[4] Shach 286/16

[5] The reason: As the Sages nevertheless o9bligated it in Mezuzah. [Taz ibid]

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