Skipping Vesham Nemar if no Minyan

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Question: [5th Iyar 5780]

When skipping ויעבור because there is no מנין should one also skip the words ושם נאמר?  Interestingly, most of the Askenaz siddurim have ושם נאמר as part to skip when no minyan (unlike נוסח אריזל)



I do not have any definitive information on this question. However, from a brief overview of about ten different Siddurim, most placed the omission after Vesham Nemar. According to Sevara, there is reason to say that it should be omitted, as you are not actually saying the Pasuk. However, perhaps we desire to nevertheless hint to the Pasuk, and have it count at least in this hinted method. See Admur 591:5; 488:8 for a similar ruling regarding Karbanos of Musaf.

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