Segula of foreskin for barren women

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  1. Question: [Tuesday, 30th Tishreiy 5783]

I am a Mohel and was asked by a barren couple to provide them a foreskin for them to use [i.e. for her to consume] for the Segula of having children. I am very wary of doing so, and am not even sure its Halachically allowed. However, they are pleading to me as they have not had children after being married ten years, and were instructed to do so by their Rabbi.



You may not give them the foreskin for this purpose, and you are rather to bury it, as Halachically required.

Explanation: Although the above Segula is recorded in Sefarim, and some even claim miracle births as a result of it, practically the vast majority of Poskim prohibit it due to the prohibition of consuming flesh of a human, as well, doing so transgresses the Issur of Baal Tishaktzu, nullifies the Halachci ruling and age-old tradition to bury the Arla in earth, and enters a putrid item of Kelipos into the body.

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