Removing scabs:[1]

One may remove the scab of a wound [with ones hands[2]]. [However this may only be done if it will not cause blood to be extracted.[3]]

Final stage of the wound: Even in the final stage of the wound, which is defined as when it has already healed and one feels no pain from it, it is permitted to remove the scab.



It is permitted to remove scabs with one’s hands [so long as doing so does not release blood in the process].


May one remove a bandage that is taped onto his skin, such as a typical band-aid?[5]

If doing so will remove in the process hair then it should not be removed due to a possible shearing prohibition. However if one is in pain he may be lenient to remove it even if hairs will be removed through doing so.[6] 


[1] 328/28

[2] However with a vessel is forbidden [Ketzos Hashulchan 136 footnote 22]

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[5] SSH”K 35/29 footnote 73; Piskeiy Teshuvos 328/22

[6] Being that this is a Pesik Reishei that is not beneficial, as well as that the removal of the hair is being done with a Shinui, and thus is permitted in a case of pain.

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