Returning Chulent to the crockpot on Shabbos

May one return his Cholent to the crock pot upon fulfilling all six conditions of Chazarah? Does a crock pot have the status of a stove or an oven in regard to Chazara?[1]

Returning food into the crock-pot is similar to returning it to an oven. Thus, seemingly whether this is allowed or not is dependent on the two opinions explained regarding returning to an oven. Thus, here too according to some it would be forbidden to return the cholent into the Crockpot even if all six Chazara conditions have been fulfilled. However, there is room to say that by a crock pot it is permitted completely according to all, if all six Chazarah conditions are fulfilled.


[1]  Shabbos Kehalacha Vol. 1 page 387

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