Prohibition #5: The prohibition of doing a Mundane act

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Prohibition # 5: The prohibition of doing a Mundane act

1. The prohibition of doing a mundane act even if no actual prohibited work is involved:[1]

However, one who cuts [the wood] into big pieces and is not meticulous about their size, then it only contains a Rabbinical prohibition [which was prohibited] because it is a mundane action and [thus] disgraces the Shabbos. [This is prohibited even] when doing so does not contain the [prohibition of] moving Muktzah, such as by wood which was designated for a use and is [thus] prepared to be moved.


Does tearing a piece of paper into large pieces transgress the mundane act prohibition?

This matter requires further analysis. Nonetheless, this would be forbidden due to Muktzah, and perhaps the destroying prohibition.



[1] Admur 314:16

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