Not getting fooled by a spiritual high

Not getting fooled by a spiritual high:[1]

The Sages state that one is to view himself like a Rasha. This means that even a person who is on a high spiritual level, and does not succumb to sin, is to nevertheless know that in potential, he still contains all of the lusts and desires as does a Rasha, and the only difference between him and a Rasha is that thus far he has abstained from giving in to those temptations, and allowed his mind to control his heart. However, never should one think that he is now a Tzaddik who has no desire for evil, and can “slide the boat” in his service of Hashem. If one were to view himself as a Tzaddik he may not exert the necessary efforts, and take the necessary precautions to avoid sin, which can then lead him to fall into the traps of sin, and truly become a Rasha. [On this Chazal state that one is never to trust himself until the day he dies.]


[1] Tanya chapter 12

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