Neighbors Sechach hovering over Sukkah

May one eat in a Sukkah which has the Sechach of an upper Sukkah protruding over it?

If the bottom Sechach is firm enough to hold a person lying on pillows and blankets: This matter is disputed by Poskim. Some Poskim[1] hold that it does not invalidate the Sechach directly under it being that this protruding Sechach has no walls. Others[2] however rule that despite the above it does invalidate the Sechach under it. Practically one is to be stringent and avoid this situation.

If the bottom Sechach cannot hold a person lying on a pillow: The lower Sukkah is completely valid.

[1] Shaareiy Tziyon 5 in name of Bichureiy Yosef

[2] Peri Megadim 633 M”Z 2

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