May women wear jewelry on Tisha Beav?

May women wear jewelry on Tisha Beav?

Some Poskim[1] rule that it is forbidden for women to wear jewelry on Tisha Beav. Other Poskim[2], however, rule that it is permitted for women to wear a little bit of weekday jewelry on Tishe Beav. However, one is to only wear her Shabbos jewelry. Practically, many women are accustomed to not wear any jewelry on Tisha Beav, with exception to the wedding ring.[3]


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[1] See Midrash Rebbe David Hanagid; See regarding Shiva that a woman who is an Avel is not to wear jewelry during Shiva, with exception to her wedding ring: Implication of Michaber ibid that only “A Kallah may Lihiskashet during Shiva”; Leket Yosher p. 2; Ruach Chaim 361:1; Yifei Lalev 3:381; Nitei Gavriel 105:23

[2] Ashel Avraham Butchach 551; Minchas Pitim Y.D. 181:6; Mishmeres Shalom Taf; Nitei Gavriel 73:8

[3] Nitei Gavriel ibid

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