May one be Toleh a sighting of blood on a wound that is found in the womb?

May one be Toleh a sighting of blood on a wound that is found in the womb?[1]

At times, a woman may see unexpected blood flow or stains outside of her normal period, or within the Shiva Nekiyim, which may be sourced in a womb injury. The following is the law: If it is medically determined that a woman has an injury inside of her womb which releases blood, we depend a sighting of blood that she sees on a Bedika or Kesem, on this injury, just as we would depend by other injuries.

The following are some common womb injuries that release blood and one can depend on after verification:

  • Placenta previa[2] [however placenta abruption is considered Nidda blood].
  • Tumor/Fibroids that release blood.[3]

Practically, one is to speak with a Rav who is expert in these matters and follow his directives.


[1] Rama 187/5; Shach Y.D. 187/17 in name of Bach “Therefore, if the blood leaves the womb, she must know that she has a wound in the womb”; Maharam Melublin 111; Rosh Nida 10/3 and Teshuvos 2/18; Rambam Issurei Biya 8/14; Tosefta Nida 8/2 “A woman is believed to say she has an injury in her womb”; Masas Binyamon 47; Noda Beyehuda Kama Y.D. 41; Chasam Sofer Y.D. 142; Chavos Daas 187/4; Pischeiy Teshuvah 187/22; Tzemach Tzedek 86 and 117; Shiureiy Shevet Halevi 187/5; Taharas Habayis 1/253; Yabia Omer 10/17; See Nishmas Avraham Y.D. 187

Other opinions: Some Poskim rule we never depend a sighting of blood on an injury within the womb. [Implication of Beis Yosef 188 “Umah Shekasav” p. 49, as brought in Sidrei Taharah 187/4; Maharam Melublin ibid and Tzemach Tzedek ibid] However, some explain that even according to this approach, if one knows for certain that the wound releases blood, one may be Toleh. [Sidrei Taharah 187/4] Others explain the Michaber to refer to a totally different case all together, and he too agrees that one can be Toleh an injury in the womb. [Maharam Melublin ibid; Yabia Omer ibid]

[2] Nishmas Avraham 2/150

[3] See Nishmas Avraham 2/187; Chazon Ish Y.D. 81; Cheishev Haeifod 2/122; Tzitz Eliezer 17/37;

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