Looking at Tzitzis during Blessing

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Looking at the Tzitzis during the Blessing: [1]

It is proper to look at the Tzitzis upon one wrapping it over him, while saying the blessing.[2] [According to Kabala, one is to look at the Tzitzis of the Tallis Gadol also after the Tallis has been positioned to rest over the shoulders.[3]]


Looking at the Tzitzis during other times:                             

One is to constantly look at his Tzitzis throughout the day. Doing so is a great source of assistance to the soul to prevent it from sin.[4] There is a tradition amongst meticulous Jews that even when they were sitting idle they would constantly touch the Tzitzis and look at them.[5] See Chapter 1 Halacha 3!


[1] 24/5; Michaber 24/3

[2] The reason: As the verse states “Ureisem Osos Uzechartem”, which implies that looking at them brings one to remember [the Mitzvos], and remembering [the Mitzvos] brings one to fulfill them. [Admur ibid; Levush 24]

[3] Kaf Hachaim 8/7; 24/13

[4] Arizal in Shaar Hakavanos Tzitzis 7; Kaf Hachaim 24/11

[5] Kav Hayashar 45


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