Kosher business brings blessing to the money

Kosher business:[1]

A person must work for a living. However, he must make sure that his business is Kosher, following all the rules in Halacha, which include not lying, stealing and cheating others. It is possible to achieve a good Parnasa without speaking lies and without doing untruthful matters. When one has a Kosher Parnasa, Hashem arranges that the income is used for only the basic expenses without bringing any extra unexpected expenses to the person. This is similar top the Mun which was a heavenly bread that did not carry any Pesoles, any waste. If, however, one leads an untruthful business, cheats, and lies to others, the money will get swallowed by unnecessary and unexpected expenses and in the end not give anyone any gain.

[1] Sefer Hasichos Toras Shalom p. 8

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