Intelectual love

Intellectual love:[1]

At times, as well as in certain souls, it is not possible to arouse a palpable love of G-d in one’s heart. Rather one arouses an intellectual pull towards attaching to G-d, with his heart remaining a distance from this desire. Although this love is not true love of Hashem, nevertheless, since it is a viable motivation and cause for one to perform Torah and Mitzvos and overcome the evil inclination, therefore Hashem considers it as a true love of Him, and attaches it to the actions done. This intellectual desire to cleave to G-d becomes similar to palpable love felt in the heart and acts as the wings to elevate one’s Torah and Mitzvos above to Heaven. These wings help elevate the Mitzvos to the world of Beiryah, just as would occur if there was actual love created in the heart. However to be elevated to Yetzira it anyways suffices to have the natural born love contained hidden in the heart, and one does not need intellectual love to bring it there. On this Chazal state “A good thought Hashem attaches to the action.”[2] On this the verse states “Ki Karov Eilecha Hadavar Meod” as although it is difficult to arouse a palpable love within the heart, it is nevertheless very much within one’s capability to arouse this love in the mind, as every person has control of his thoughts. Through contemplation one can arouse an intellectual desire to cleave to Hashem through his Torah and Mitzvos.[3]


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