How to Daven with emotion

How to Daven with emotion:[1]

How does one Daven with emotion? With an arousal of love and fear of G-d? With fervor and concentration? Certainly, this cannot be accomplished if one grabs and quickly wears his Tallis and Tefillin without any prior preparation. One must first learn a chapter of Tanya  or a Mamar of Chassidus. The main thing is for one to properly comprehend it and know the conclusions that derive from the teaching. One is to then contemplate this matter prior to wearing the Tallis and Tefillin. After wearing the Tallis and Tefillin one is not to begin Hodu right away, but is to rather contemplate a certain matter. Afterwards one can Daven with even merely Pirush Hamilos, although making sure that he hears each word that he is saying. When one does so, he will find within the words of the Davening similar content to his contemplation.

[1] Toras Shalom Purim p. 7-8

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