How much wine is one required to drink by Kiddush

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How much wine is one required to drink by Kiddush?[1]

The person who makes Kiddush is required to drink enough wine to fill his cheeks. This measurement is referred to as Malei Lugmav. This does not refer to the amount of liquid that fills the entire mouth, both cheeks, but rather the amount of liquid that fills a single cheek, in a way that when the liquid is brought to one side of the mouth, it appears that his cheek is full. In an average size mouth, this volume of wine amounts to the majority of a Revius.[2] Nonetheless, each person must follow his own personal mouth and cheek size, and must drink enough wine that his cheek becomes full in one side.[3] In all cases, it is not necessary to drink more than a Revius of wine, even if one’s mouth is so large that a Revius does not even fill an entire cheek side [i.e. Malei Lugmav], [and in such a case a Revius suffices].[4]

Must one drink majority of the cup if it holds more than a Revius?[5] During Kiddush of Shabbos and all Yomim Tovim, other than the Seder night of Pesach, one is not required to drink majority of the Kiddush cup so long as he drinks the above measurement of Malei Lugmav. Thus, even if the Kiddush cup holds a number of Reviusim, and the drinking of Malei Lugmav, which on average is the majority of a Revius, will only consume a minute portion of the wine in the cup, nevertheless he fulfills his obligation and is not required to drink any more. This applies according to all opinions and may be done even initially [i.e. Lechatchila].[6] However, on the Seder night of Pesach there exists a dispute in this matter[7] and although the main ruling follows the lenient opinion, and so is the custom, nevertheless, it is proper to suspect for the stringent opinion.[8] [Despite the above, some are accustomed to always drink majority of the cup, even if it contains much more than a Revius, and one hence ends up drinking much more than a Revius.[9] Some[10] Chabad Rabbanim defend this custom while others[11] deny it.]  



One who makes Kiddush must drink enough wine to fill one side of his cheek, which for an average size mouth is majority of a Revius. It is not necessary to drink more than this amount even if it only consumes minority of the wine in the cup, such as by a large cup that holds more than a Revius, [however some are accustomed to do so].


If one has a very small mouth, such as a child, does it suffice to drink even less than the majority of a Revius?

Yes.[12] Some Poskim[13] however question this matter, and suggest that perhaps in all cases one must drink at least the majority of a Revius. Practically, by a child below Bar/Bas Mitzvah, one may be lenient.[14]


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Story of the Alter Rebbe: The Rebbe Rayatz retold the following story that occurred with the Alter Rebbe: When the Alter Rebbe lived by his in-laws in Vitebsk, he and his wife were ostracized by his in-laws due to his habitual fasts and acts of penitence, and learning and Davening extensively, which did not find favor in their eyes. One Shabbos evening upon arriving to his in-laws at a late hour due to his extensive prayer, he could not find any wine or cup to make Kiddush, as they were all put away and locked by his mother in-law. Admur was then brought a heavy alcoholic beverage by his sister in-law, and poured it into a large bucket, being the only vessel he could find. Admur drank majority of the content of the vessel, and due to his small body weight and having fasted the entire day he entered into great danger. At last he found some leftover food and used it to enliven his soul. [Sefer Hasichos 1937 p. 193; Kerem Chabad 4:10] It is due to this that the Alter Rebbe was accustomed to eat dairy porridge every Motzei Shabbos in memory of the miracle. [Kerem Chabad ibid] Some derive from the above story that one should drink majority of the cup in all cases. In Kerem Chabad they write “he drank majority of the cup as is required by Halacha”.

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