Houses/Rooms of joint ownership


A home that has a joint ownership:[1]

It makes no difference how many Jewish partners there are in the ownership or rent of the home, either way it is obligated to have a Mezuzah.[2] However if one of the owners or renters is a non-Jew, then it is exempt from having a Mezuzah.[3]

[1] 286/1

[2] Michaber ibid

[3] Rama ibid

The reason: The reason for this is because 1) Part of it is owned by a non-Jew and is thus exempt from having a Mezuzah. 2) It may be dangerous, as the Non-Jew may suspect that the Jew is doing witchcraft on him. [Shach 286/6] 3) We learn that partners are also obligated in Mezuzah from the words “To increase your days” which is not applicable to non-Jews being that they do not fulfill the Torah, and thus are not deserving of long days. [Taz 286/2] The Shach ibid negates this latter reason.

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