From the Rav’s Desk: Women building Sukkah and buying Lulav set

  1. Question: [Tuesday, 8th Tishrei 5781]

My husband and all the boys will be away for Sukkos and so there will only be girls at home. Do I have any obligation to build a Sukkah and must I purchase a set of Daled Minim.



Daled Minim: Even women are to purchase a set of Daled Minim for the sake of shaking daily with a blessing.

Sukkah: Women are not obligated to eat in a Sukkah and therefore you’re not obligated to build one. Nonetheless, if easily feasible, it is proper to do so in spirit of the holiday, as also women are allowed to eat in the Sukkah and recite a blessing. If, however, you have another Sukkah available to eat in when you choose, such as the sukkah of a neighbor, or of a Shul, then there is no need for you to build your own Sukkah.

Explanation: Although women are exempt from the mitzvah of shaking Lulav, nonetheless, they accepted it upon themselves as an obligation and therefore are to do so each day with a blessing. Now, regarding sukkah, women are exempt from the mitzvah and never accepted it upon themselves, and therefore technically there is no need for them to build a sukkah. Nonetheless, it is suggested for one to do so in spirit of the house, if it is not too difficult and if another sukkah is not available.

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