From the Rav’s Desk: Joining neighbors Chanukah lighting and lighting later on

  1. Question: [Monday, 28th Kisleiv 5781]

Our neighbors invited us to their home for their Hanukkah candle lighting and singing. The problem is, is that it is at the same time that everyone is supposed to light including us. May I join them for their lighting and festivities and then light when we come back home? The whole ceremony with the music will be about a half-hour.


The same way your neighbor is initially careful to light on time so too you as well should initially be careful to light on time. Thus, you have two options; either light right after sunset with enough oil to last a half-hour past nightfall and do not stay near the candles and right away go to your neighbor’s house to join them for their lighting which will be a few minutes after sunset, or join them for their lighting right after sunset, and right after their lighting before the music, you will go home and light.

Sources: See Rama 672:2 “Some Poskim however rule that today since anyways the lighting is done inside the house, there is no obligation to be careful to light on time, nevertheless it is best to be careful to light within the time even today.”; Sefer Haminhagim p. 158 [English]; Hayom Yom 25th Kisleiv; Igros Kodesh 14:184; 10:153 [printed in Shulchan Menachem 3:265]

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