From the Rav’s Desk: Child lighting with oil versus wax candles

  1. Question: [Wednesday, 23rd Kisleiv 5781]

My son is six years old and will be lighting his own Menorah. Should we have him light using olive oil or can he use wax candles?



You may choose that he use wax candles although it is best to educate him to use olive oil

Explanation: While wax candles are valid even for an adult, and certainly for a child who according to many opinions is not even obligated in lighting even after reaching the age of education, nonetheless certainly it is proper to be scrupulous in Mitzvos and educate children according to the most Mehadrin manner of fulfilling a mitzvah and therefore it is proper for them to also use olive oil, in a safe setting under supervision.

Sources: See Rama 675:3; M”A 677:8; M”B 677:13; Biur Halacha 675:3 “Uledidon”; Kaf Hachaim 677:22; Likkutei Sichos 12:251

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