Entering bus, car, store with woman singing

Must a man leave or not enter an area in which a woman is singing?[1]
One is not required to leave, or not enter an area that contains a woman singing. One may thus enter a bus or taxi or store even though the radio is on with a woman singing. He is however required to remove his mind from the voice and pay no attention to it. If one sees that despite his efforts it is leading him to immoral thoughts, he is to leave the area.


[1] See Sdei Chemed Kelalim Mareches Kuf 42; Ohel Yaakov 76 [p. 203] in name of Poskim; See Admur 75/6 based on previous Poskim “Even by the singing voice of a woman, if one is able to concentrate on his prayer to the point that he does not even consciously hear or pay attention to her voice, then it is permitted [to learn and Daven while hearing it].” And certainly it is permitted to be in the area.

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